Furniture + Home Decor Rentals


Looking to add unique pieces to your next event or photoshoot? Our furniture and home decor rentals are exactly what you need. Our carefully curated collection is designed to infuse your event with the perfect vibe, transforming your vision into reality.

SIMPLE + FLEXIBLE RENTAL PROCESS: We make the rental process straightforward and hassle-free. Choose any item from our collection and rent it for 3 days at just 20% of its total retail cost. Planning for a longer duration? No worries! We're flexible. Reach out to us, and we'll arrange the details for an extended rental period.


  • Transportation: The responsibility for safe transportation of our pieces falls to you. Please note, we do not offer delivery services nor provide blankets and wrapping for rentals.
  • Professional Movers: To ensure our items stay in great shape, we recommend arranging professional movers who are equipped with the necessary blankets and wrap, especially for our larger and heavy items.

TEAMWORK FOR LARGE + HEAVY ITEMS: Remember, teamwork makes the dream work! For our larger and heavier pieces, it's essential to have at least two movers to ensure their safe transport.

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