Rare Orange Richard Schultz's Knoll 1407 Chair

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Step into the world of exceptional design with our Knoll 1407 chair - a distinctive creation by Richard Schultz from the 1980s. This furniture piece, reflecting an ingenious fusion of the streamlined aesthetics of a bicycle and the iconic Cesca chair, is a true testament to 20th-century design at its finest.

The chair's sturdy chrome tubular arms and legs, radiating an air of minimalist elegance, are in superior condition, showcasing only slight wear signs. A testament to its durable construction and timeless appeal, a simple cleaning is all it takes to bring back its original luster.

The original orange upholstery, faded gently over time, beautifully captures the vibrant spirit of its era. It offers an intriguing contrast to the chrome frame, enchanting the onlooker with its charming finish.

In the sea of mass-produced furniture, our rare Knoll 1407 chair stands as an oasis of exclusivity. Its scarcity makes it not only a unique find for your collection but also a reflection of your discerning taste in design.

More than a piece of furniture, this Richard Schultz's Knoll 1407 chair is a slice of design history ready to be loved and admired. Experience the elegance and functionality of this mid-century modern marvel and let it transform your space today.

  • 32" Height
  • 20" Width
  • 20" Depth
  • 18" Seat Height